Events in Acworth for every season

With a vivid atmosphere in the community during the whole year, it’s hard to recommend to tourists when is the best time of year to visit Acworth, GA. Natural beauties, historical, cultural and educational aspects of the city are a constant attraction, but Acworth also hosts a rich collection of festivals, holidays and unique activities taking part on certain dates. Everyone who lives here long enough to get to see and feel the community will understand the potential of this town to surprise you on a daily bases, but there is a touristic schedule filled with special dates and events worth visiting. Here are just some of the most famous events taking place in Acworth in each season.


Acworth’s events during springtime

The winters tend to be quite cold here, therefore people wait for the spring awakening impatiently. Once the temperature raises, Acworth community heads for the streets and fields to welcome and enjoy the spring. Two main events during spring are Acworth Easter egg hunt and Acworth Art fest. Easter egg hunt is an entertainment for the whole community, with masks, face painting and people wandering through the city looking for the hidden Easter eggs. The main streets in Acworth are a favorite location for the street artists and their performances. Art fest occurs at the beginning of spring bringing musicians, painters, actors and performers at the streets.

Acworth’s events during the summertime

With an attractive lake and its beach located near, miles of woods and fields surrounding the city and myriad of other features perfect for spending memorable time outdoors, Acworth is pretty vivid during summertime. People go swimming or fishing at the Acworth’s lake, hiking and cycling across the Red top mountain or across endless fields or take part in numerous tournaments. Two national holidays are also celebrated during this time of year. Memorial Day is an annual ceremony at Patriots Point and there is always traditional firework and concerts dedicated to 4th of July.

Acworth’s events during fall

The fall in Acworth is crowded with festivals. The natural beauties of Acworth are fully expressed during autumn making the town look magical. The temperatures are still high enough to enable Mother – Son camp to take place outdoors. The camping occurs during September aside Acworth’s lake in Landing park and it includes several days of camping, campfire and various sports activities. November is the month for degustation of Georgia’s fines crafted beers and homemade sorts of wine. Beer and wine festival focus on these two drinks, but the authentic Acworth’s dishes are being sold along the main streets as well.

Acworth’s events during winter

Winter time here is a magical combination of quiet and exciting moments. Menorah lighting ceremony, which includes lighting menorah at the Main Street and spreading it down many other streets, featuring traditional meals and drinks, indeed marks December. Finally, the end of a year is celebrated by Santa Claus himself arriving at the city in a different manner every time, triggering several days around Christmas and New Year’s Eve when people equally celebrate together outdoors, as well as with their families intimately. Thanks to our sponsor Advanced Urology Acworth for supporting these events.