Things to do and things to see in Acworth, GA

Acworth is one of the best cities in the state of Georgia to settle down with your family, build a cozy residence and live peaceful, but not boring at all everyday life. Although usually considered to be a town with slow-motion routine, combining urban and rural elements, Acworth is actually rather popular touristic destination with plenty of attractions and natural beauties to see. The city hosts some traditional events and encapsulates a collection of monuments, cultural features and attractive activities. Regardless of the season and time of the year or day you find yourself in Acworth, there’s always something valuable to see and exciting to do.

Acworth beach

If you’re a fan of beaches, this one is among the most beautiful Georgia has to offer. Acworth Beach is at the north side of Acworth Lake and it’s surrounded by impressive greenery organized as recognizable Acworth park. Aside the mere beach, clean, safe and regularly maintained for swimmers, the surrounding park provides a wide range of activities. Many playgrounds are scattered within it, restaurants and clubs, but you can also rent a gear and go fishing. There are numerous cottages decorated with authentic Acworth elements you can rent and spend some time living by the Acworth Lake.

Walking tour to get to know Acworth

If you truly want to get to know Acworth, GA and to understand today’s Acworth in the context of various historical events, note the Historic Acworth Walking Tour down into your schedule. This tour will take you to pass the several monuments, graveyard, impressive Victorian architecture, fields and centuries-old trees, boards with some significant names and stories. All of this will tell you the rich and adventurous past of Acworth, including its Civil War history. Once you see and hear all of this, you’ll get the real picture of how far in modern development has Acworth gone.

Martha Berry and Tellus Science museums

Martha Berry Museum and Oak Hill are commonly mentioned among Georgia’s touristic attractions. These two valuable cultural features are part of Berry College and the source of myriad of educational, cultural, artistic and entertaining activities. Similar to Martha Berry Museum, rich scientific, historical and cultural program may be found in Tellus Science museum. This museum integrates observatory and planetarium as well and provides valuable content at any time of the year.

Martha Berry and Tellus Science museums

Park and gardens

When putting just like that, it sounds like the aspect every city possesses. However, when mentioned that Acworth hosts Gibbs Gardens and Red Top Mountain State Park, you will recognize two extremely popular touristic attractions. Extravagant Gibbs Gardens are particularly spectacular during the fall and spacious hiking and walking trails spread all over the Red Top Mountain park are an excellent way to spend a day closely connected to nature, enjoying various sports activities or simply wandering through the wood. Aside these two, Logan Farm Park is also a great recreational filed that will reflect to you unique Acworth’s combination of relaxing and exciting atmosphere at the same time. We would like to also thank two local companies that help maintain the city of Acworth, GA in Legion Landscaping and in Acworth.